Thessaloniki International Fair – Helexpo SA, established in 1925, is one of the most prestigious and active institutions in Greece, organizing international exhibitions and events of cultural or commercial scope, often providing a bridge between different sectors – culture, economy, production, innovation, policy-making, science, technology, urban planning and art. The annual activities of Helexpo include the production of more than 20 exhibitions of all sectors and support to over 35 exhibitions organized by third parties, placing the Company among the biggest and most important exhibition, congress and events organizers in SE Europe. Helexpo has been a member of UFI since 1926 and today the Company is a full member of many prestigious International Organizations among which IAEE, ICCA, AIPC. Helexpo has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
Located in the heart of Thessaloniki, the Fairgrounds of Helexpo cover a total area of 180.000 square meters, out of which 60.000 square meters of indoor exhibition space. Not densely built, with a variety of outdoor and indoor spaces that can be used throughout the year, Helexpo offers an ideal space in the centre of the city for spatial and urban experimentations.
In the context of Artecitya, Helexpo has undertaken the organisation of an Art, Science and Technology Festival in September 2016, 2017 and 2018. The Festival aims to explore different types of synergies between art, science and technology, through the collaboration between artists and tech developers. The program of each year is built through a series of preparatory workshops that shall take place throughout the year and produce new ideas, innovation and prototypes with the participation of young and established creatives and citizens from various backgrounds. The tools for achieving this goal are the practices of Social Engagement, Participation and Art for Social Change.