Thessaloniki, August 2017

THE NEW NEW – Art Science Technology Festival 2017

What is the NEW, the Newest, the most Technologically Advanced?
Artists respond. Come, play, discover.

Virtual & Augmented Reality / Digital applications / Gaming / Online Content Studio / Video / Animation / Performance / Human Centered Design / Workshops / Support to young professionals and refugees / Chill out space

The first edition of the Festival, that took place in September 2016, was greatly successful, attracting more than 10.000 spectators of all ages. This year, the Festival takes place on the second floor of Helexpo’s Pavilion 2, a 2.700 square meters space, where more than 90 projects of 120 young and acclaimed artists from Greece and abroad are presented.

The Festival’s title THE NEW NEW refers to the current, ever growing pace of technological advances. The rapid and countless developments in the field not only bring closer the scenarios of popular films and books predicting the prevalence of machines over our lives, but also prevent us from pinpointing the New, the Newest, the most Technologically Advanced. Responses vary, depending everyone’s age and background. The 2nd Artecitya Art Science Technology Festival by Helexpo brings to you the responses of artists and creators who experiment with the possibilities of technology in terms of form and content that redirects the focus back on humankind. Moreover, through the Festival’s activities and collaborations, Helexpo supports two social groups that are currently faced with great challenges – the unemployed youth and refugees.

The Festival is addressed to all ages and includes the following sections:

Virtual World
Particular emphasis is put on Virtual and Augmented Reality works, selected in collaboration with curator Erika Barraza and SXSW – one of the world’s largest events on new technologies and creative industries. The projects presented use different gear, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear, offering the audience the opportunity to familiarise themselves with these new tools. The audience will also have the possibility to make and take home their own VR glasses, as well as to play with Google’s Tilt Brush.

Contemporary Art & Technology: Exhibitions: Uncanny Valley, Posthuman New, Works by Students & Graduates of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University
Most of the works presented in these exhibitions are interactive. They offer the opportunity to the public to discover and play with new technologies. At the same time, a lot of the works remind us of the impact that not so old, but nowadays regarded obsolete technologies had in our everyday lives, such as video, video games and digital image. Artists use technology in various ways, often to highlight or suggest solutions to major problems. For instance, a series of video games designed by students of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University are addressed to visually impaired children and aim towards familiarising them with computers and developing useful skills.

Support to Young Creatives – Studio for the production of TV and online content – “Media Lab”
Throughout the Festival, Media Lab, a group of young creatives supported and trained on the development and use of a specially designed studio for the production of TV and online content, will set up shop at the Festival, in order to document and broadcast the daily activities. The Media Lab is a collaboration between several institutions: Artecitya by Helexpo, Artecitya by Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki, LABattoir by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and Institute HyperWerk for Postindustrial Design in Basel. The Media Lab is the team of young creatives who receive training, made possible through the collaboration of the partner institutions. Already, since March, the Media Lab team has attended a series of workshops, theoretical and practical, in collaboration with further partners, such as STAMP Festival and documenta 14. Our overall philiosophy promotes hands-on learning through actual projects, in real circumstances, with the support and guidance of the partner institutions.

Support to refugees – Partnership with Greece Communitere
The Festival also partners with Communitere, offering a series of workshops that aim to bring together the creativity of the local, refugee and migrant communities. Communitere is an international organisation that operates in crisis-affected communities around the world. Its main scope is to develop Resource Centres, where the creativity and innovation of the locals can find the necessary means to materialise. In the context of the Festival, Communitere provides a series of participatory design workshops, hands-on training and actual manufacturing. Participants will develop prototypes to address the practical needs of refugees living in Thessaloniki. The resulting objects will be showcased in the Festival’s Chill Out Space. After the Festival, the ojects will be returned to their creators.

Zero Fuel is an ultra-low consumption single seater vehicle, designed by a team of students of the Artistotle University of Thessaloniki for the Shell Eco Marathon 2017 competition. An aerodynamic combination of advanced design and technology that consumes as low as 1 liter of gas per 1.000 kilometers!

Finally, the Festival is proud to present the project LIVART, submitted by a group of young high school graduates. The Cry, The Girl in the Pearl Earring, Starry Night and other famous art works come to life with movement and sound with the contribution of technology.
Installation in progress
Installation in progress
Installation in progress
Installation in progress
Media Lab, installation in progress; photo by Media Lab
Media Lab, preparatory workshop at Stamp Festival
Chrysianna Karameri, Stefania Sotiriadi, Ω2, a musical instrument, 2017, interactive sound installation
Bill Psarras, Messenger, 2017, performance for camera, video still
Sophia Liarou, Future Residencies – Berlin, 2017, video
Katerina Athanasopoulou, Branches of Life, 2017, film
Enalia (into the sea), Apostolos Loufopoulos, 12’ 40’’, physical theatre performance and video art based on electroacoustic music; Vasiliki Makou: physical theatre, Elena Georgiadou: video Magda Candilieri: animation, Katerina Pagiataki: choreography curation
Marios Tsaousis, Timechaser, 2017, video game
Dimitris Makrigiannis, Craftsman Odyssey, 2017, video game
Communitere, workshop; photo by Media Lab
Communitere, workshop; photo by Media Lab
Communitere, workshop; photo by Media Lab




2nd Artecitya Art Science Technlogy Festival by Helexpo

82nd Thessaloniki International Fair, 9-17 September

Helexpo, Pavilion 2

Opening hours: 

Saturday & Sunday, 9-10 & 16-17 September: 10:00-22:00

Monday – Friday, 11-15 September: 16:00-22:00

Organization – Production: TIF – Helexpo

Project Manager: Vicky Dalkrani (HELEXPO)

Artistic Director: Lydia Chatziiakovou (ArtBOX)

Coordination: Dimitris Kourkouridis (Institute of Exhibition Research)

Production Coordination: Maria Lazaridou

Production Assistant: Eleftheria Oupala

Audiovisuals Advisor: Giorgos Kosmidis – Diapason

Sound Design Advisor: Giorgos Klountzos

Graphic Design: Viktor Goudaras


Municipality of Thessaloniki – Department of Culture & Tourism and project LABattoir


Greece Communitere

SXSW – South by Southwest Conference and Festivals

Department of Audio and Visual Arts – Ionian University

Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki


Municipality of Thessaloniki – Department of Culture & Tourism and project LABattoir

Artecitya – Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki

documenta 14

State Museum of Contemporary Art

HyperWerk Institute of Postindustrial Design, Basel

STAMP Festival



Curator: Erika Barraza

Project manager: Pablo Mahave

Works: Wump VR by Alpha_Rats & Vladimir Storm, Allumette by Penrose Studio & Eugene Chung (Director), The Body VR by The Body VR LLC, Through the Fashion Doors by One Third Blue & Angela Haddad (Director), Between Petrov & Vodkin by Denis Semionov & Natalia Severina, We Who Remain by Nuba Reports, Emblematic Group, New York Times VR, AJ+, ARTE, Sam Wolson (Director) and Trevor Snapp (Director), Asteroids! By Baobab Studios, Be Fearless by Samsung Studio

Selection from SXSW 2017 Virtual Cinema: Buzz Aldrin’s Cycling Pathways To Mars by Lex Halaby (Creative), Daniel Schechter (Production), Guil Rambelli (3D), Show it 2 Me by Titmouse inc. & Dylan Carter (co-director), After Solitary by Cassandra Herrman (San Francisco) & Lauren Mucciolo (New York), The Giant by New Media Ltd.


Curator: Maria Kenanidou

Artists: Kalliopi Asargiotaki, Areti Damvopoulou – Spyridoula Steliou, Daphne Giannoulatou, Nasos Karampelas, Alexandros-Spyridon Kokas, Sophia Liarou, Theo Prodromidis, Stefania Sotiriadi – Chrysianna Karameri, Charikleia Papapostolou, Marios Tsaousis


Curator: Babis Venetopoulos (artist, Assistant Professor, School of Visual & Applied Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Artists: Katerina Athanasopoulou, Zois Loumakis, Yorgos Papafigos


Team Media Lab: Christos Chatziioannidis, Theodoros Karamagalis, Eirini Koliou, Maria Kyrou, Iliana Skaragou, Anastasia Tsita

Media Lab Coaches: Giorgos Manos, Despoina Kaviri


Giorgos Gkiouzepas (Developmenet Director)
Jonas Sweep (Operations Director)
Ângela Marques (Project Coordinator)
Jordan Daly (Community Manager)
Oso Loustaunau (MRC Manager)
Maria Toran Carpio (MRC coordinator)


Production Manager: Andreas Floros (Associate Professor, Head of the Department)

Coordination: Giorgos Nikopoulos (PhD Candidate)

Communication: Andreas Giannakoulopoulos (Assistant Professor) 

Video Art / Supervisors: Konstantinos Tiligadis (Assistant Professor), Dimitrios Traperas (PhD Candidate), Michalis Kapetanidis (Director of Photography)

Animation / Supervisor: Konstantinos Tiligadis (Assistant Professor)

3D Gaming – VR / Supervisor: Michail Panagopoulos

Artists: Giannis Andreopoulos, Andreas Apergis, Dimitris Armenakis, Katerina Avraam, Evangelos Bezevegkis, Asimina Borodimou, Magda Candilieri, Giorgos Charalampous, Kassiani Charalampous, Samis Chatziliadis, Paschalis Chatzitryfonos, Fedra Derizioti, Donatos Drimtzias, Dimitris Geliniotis, Elena Georgiadou, Alexandros Georgiou, Emprou Giousouf, George Greenwood, Aggeliki Ioakeimidou, Emanouil Ioannidis – Fotinos, Thodoris Karatzenis, Nikos Kokkalis, Natalia Kokkinou, Tzortzina Kosmatou, Stratos Kountouras, Panos Koutivas, Christina Lagouri, Evangelos Lalusis, Apostolos Loufopoulos, Evaggelos Makkas, Vasiliki Makou, Dimitris Makrigiannis, Petros Makris, Anastasia Manou, Paschalis Mourikas, Sofia Moutafi, Giorgos Nikopoulos, Vasilis Nousis, Sofia Ntiagka, Katerina Pagiataki, Aggeliki Panteli, Pantelis Paradisis, Bill Psarras, Science For You – SciFY, Rovena Sele, Stavros Sideris, Konstantina Skolariki, Dimitrios Traperas, Matthew Tsirides,  Argyris Zachos, Pantelis Zoidis


Team Manager: Aggelos Papakalodoukas

Aerodynamics: Charalampos Papadopoulos, Gregor Pachis, Georgios Chantzis, Yakinthos Kyros (Supervisor and Faculty Advisor)

Chasis: Thanasis Gekas, Paschalis Lipiridis, Elli Sivena, Georgios Savvaidis (Advisor)

Steering: Dimitrios Patsourakis, Christos Mylopoulos, Doukaini Mavroudi, Athanasios Matsikis (Advisor)

Electronics: Anastasia Pachni Tsitiridou, Michalis Mylopoulos

Engine: Paschalis Alexakis, Michaela Koukoutsi, Pantelis Stroumpoulis, Konstantinos Papaioannou (Advisor)

Transmission: Christos Venetis, Alexandros Georgiadis, Athanasios Michailidis (Advisor)

Marketing: Christine Avramidou, Victoria Sofiadi

Driver: Alexandra Karagkitsi


Maria Galanopoulou, Dimitris Gavridis, Lila Kakou, Zogia Kaloudi, Minas-Marios Kontis, Christina Kreza, Pavlos Theodosiadis, Nikoleta Zafiraki

Committee for the Selection of Works for the exhibition Uncanny Valley

Elli Chrysidou, visual artist; Deputy Mayor of Culture, Municipality of Thessaloniki

Vicky Dalkrani, Director, Exhibitions Research Institute; Project Manager, Artecitya by Helexpo

Nantia Kalara, visual artist, Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering AUTh

Maria Kenanidou, curator

Christos Savvidis, curator, ArtBOX Creative Arts Management; Artistic Director, Artecitya by Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki

Babis Venetopoulos, artist, Assistant Professor, School of Visual and Applied Arts – Faculty of Fine Arts – AUTh