Thessaloniki, July 2016



Artecitya Thessaloniki’s summer residencies with Eric Ellingsen and Lynn Peemoeller aimed to challenge our perception on the city, its structures and the everyday. Eric Ellingsen’s Perceiving Academy focuses on the issue of our perception and interaction with public space, while Lynn Peemoeller’s You Are Food deals with urban agriculture and food, as a product of mass production, distribution and consumption. Faithful to their initial intention and to art for social change practices, which are central to Artecitya, the two artists designed their activities, ultimately aiming to establish self-organised structures with long-term presence and sustainable impact.

More specifically, Eric Ellingsen worked with a group of 18 young practitioners – mainly but not exclusively fine arts and architecture students. The Perception Academy curriculum included walks led by experts on various knowledge fields, centered around the way in which we see and perceive the city as space, as well as on how we co-develop structures and relations within it. As a reaction to their walks, the participants will design, construct and publicly present a series of temporary sculptures-interventions-structures that will function as a point of convergence within public space, a place for meetings and debates, a starting point for renegotiating the interpretation and use of urban landscape. These constructions will be presented on Thursday, 14 of July and will remain in the city for as long as the city uses them. This initial phase of the Perceiving Academy is an introduction to a long-term programme that the artist is currently developing in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki and the Municipality of Thessaloniki, in the context of the project LABattoir for the Old Slaughterhouse – where the Academy was based for the past couple of weeks.

For her work You Are Food, Lynn Peemoeller activated an expanded network of activists who deal with food. Through the discussions held, the need emerged for a campaign to inform and raise awareness on relevant issues, especially through the prism of Food Waste, perceived as a key-point for the transformation of our way of living. Studies have shown that a significant percentage, more than 1/3 of the global food production, is wasted in the fields and in the supermarkets, in households and restaurants, a fact that, apart from perpetuating social inequalities, causes significant financial and environmental problems. Already, the artist has started working together with institutions and experts towards designing the campaign, that will be symbolically launched on July 14. 

Credits / Participants:

Eric Ellingsen: Perceiving Academy (4-15/07)

Participants: Chrysoula Athanasiou, Vasilis Alexandrou, Dimitra Bairaktari, Maria Chatzikalia, Eleni Chatzineofytou, Dimitris Chatzinikolis, Georgia Damianou, Eleftheria Gavriilidou, Giorgos Gkiouzepas, Odysseas Glykas, Spyros Kazantzis, Chrysa Kotoula, Konstantinos Kotoulas, Anna Lioka, Fenia Nevrokopli, Konstantina Nouskali, Sofia Papadopoulou, Elvira Paschali, Christos Polymeris, Maria Ritou, Stergios Seretis, Katerina Sideri, Yorgos Toyias, Rodi Tsitouridou, Despoina Vatti, Katerina Voulgaridou

Invited Experts: Foteini Baxevanou (Trainer of Mobility, Orientation and Daily Living Skills – National Association for the Blind), Leon Kapetas (Water Resources Management, Ph.D., Consultant of Urban Resilience), Giorgos Lagoudakis (Lawyer), Theofanis Oikonomou (Engineer - Thessaloniki Water Supply & Sewerage Co)

Lynn Peemoeller: You Are Food (27/06-15/07)

Engaged practitioners: Maria Alexiou (Agriherb, Peliti), Chrysoula Athanasiou (Kipos 3), Valia Chatziiakovou (Food Technology), Kostas Feidantsis (biologist, food blogger), Vasiliki Giatsidou (PERKA), Kelly Garifalli (Fair Trade Hallas), Eleftheria Gavriilidou (Architect, Kipos 3), Matina Kapsali (PhD student, School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Maria Karagianni (PhD student, School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Antonis Karagiorgas (PERKA), Calliope Karastogiannidou (Food Technology – School of Food Technology & Nutrition), Giannis Karatakis (Kipos 3), Dimitris Koparanis (Chef), Dimitris Koufakis (Peliti), Nikos Mysirlis (Agriherb, Peliti), Maria Partalidou (Rural Sociology - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Agriculture, Forestry & Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Dep. of Agricultural Economics), Maria Ritou (Architect, Kipos 3), Elena Siemou (Fotone Advertising), Efstratios Tsahpinis (Fotone Advertising)

Residency Production Team
Production Coordination: Maria Lazaridou
Production Assistant: Giannis Fourkiotis
Photographer: Giorgos Kogias
Cinematographer: Giorgos Manos – Cre8ive Studios
Technical Advisor: Giorgos Kosmidis – Diapason
Technical Advisor – Constructions: Giannis Katranitsas
Technical Support: Diapason

More information and images:

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