Thessaloniki, December 2018

Residency #6. Thomas Koch. Summer 2018

Thomas Koch is a  Media Technology Researcher & Lecturer at Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute Berlin and University of the Arts Berlin, specialized in the use of immersive audio technologies, working on both the technical and artistic sides of audiovisual media. In 2010, Koch joined Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute’s TiME Lab project to investigate new uses of 3D-Audio technologies in the context of immersive video environments. His practice-oriented Seminars (University of Arts, SRH Hochschule der populären Künste in Berlin) introduces to the technological, creative and market potential of immersive media technologies. Alongside his research activities, Koch works with media artists to design and realize concepts for the use of modern audio reproduction technology in artistic projects. 

In the context of his residency with Artecitya, Thomas Koch offered the workshop “Artistic Approaches to Immersive Media” that took place in two parts, in July and September 2018, and included theoretical and practical knowledge on the production of 360 video and audio, giving basic insights into the current state of the technological developments of modern audio and video production and reproduction systems, and hands-on exercise exploring their artistic potential and challenges. Artists and content producers are challenged to rethink everything we know about working with media technology and rethink both the high complexity of the technologies and workflows, the (rapidly reducing) technical limitations of new media, and the strong artistic positions (or commercial applications) which make use of these new possibilities. The residency resulted to the launch of an experimental 360 music video series that was produced by the participants. Additionally, the residency took place in partnership with LABattoir and Goethe-Institut’s Freiraum project, in the context of which the Media Lab team was commissioned to produce the documentation of Freiraum Thessaloniki for the program’s final exhibition in Berlin in Spring 2019. So, apart from the first-hand technical and theoretical knowledge that the workshop participants acquired, these strategic partnerships cultivated by the Artecitya Agency, also created job opportunities for the Media Lab members, as well as an opportunity for them to showcase their work at an international level.