Thessaloniki, March 2016

ArtBOX Creative Arts Management

ArtBOX is a Creative Arts Management office dedicated to conceiving and implementing contemporary art projects, founded in 1999 by Christos Savvidis.
Since its first steps 17 years ago, ArtBOX has organised more than 185 projects, exhibitions, conferences, festivals and other contemporary art events. More than 90% of its activities are collaborations with institutions outside Greece, while 30% has been realised abroad, in 33 different cities (New York, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Venice, Spain, the Middle East and elsewhere).
ArtBOX has been involved, as artistic directors and project managers, in all of the most significant contemporary art events and institutions in Greece, among others: Art Arthina – international art fair (2005-2008), Action Field Kodra – annual visual arts festival (2004-2008), Forum European Cultural Exchanges (2000-2010), the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (2010- 2012), and the Young Artists Biennale of Europe and the Mediterranean (2011). In 2009, ArtBOX was invited by the then Director of the Venice Biennale, Daniel Birnbaum, to create and co-curate a project in the framework of his exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

The Team

Christos Savvidis is the founding director. 
Lydia Chatziiakovou collaborates as co-director on a permanent basis since 2004.
Dr. Sotirios Bahtsetzis is the scientific advisor for the past few years.
Depending on the project, professionals from various fields are added to the team. 


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