Strasbourg, October 2017 – Ljubljana #2: Artistic footpath

The second part of the – Ljubljana cycle is an artistic footpath enhanced by several interactive installations. This footpath will link the Apollonia Garden to the Lieu d’Europe and the streets of the Robertsau area in Strasbourg.


1- Irena Pivka/Brane Zorman, gardenWALK, 2017

gardenWALK is a sustainable sound walk performance taking place along the streets of Strasbourg, Robertsau. It invites guests to relive the future impact of the planned Apollonia community garden to the immediate surroundings of district and its community.
An integral part of the project is a sound map with circular paths where the visitor walks during the project. The start and end of this 2 km long route, which lasts approximately 30 minutes will take place at the Apollonia Garden.
Through the subtle sound inserts of the shared garden urban landscape sound and the sound scape transformation with vision of potential possibilities, the sound walk performance sensitizes public to experience the Robertsau area. Garden and gardening in this project are a metaphor for re-thinking and re-cultivating urban landscape changes in local society.
Co-production: Cona Institut Ljubljana.


Irena Pivka, new media artist, scenographer, architect, producer and Brane Zorman, composer, new media artist, sound engineer, producer, are working together on a series of collaborative projects. Working through different backgrounds, they connect digital electroacoustic creativity with space, listening to works in situ, thus constituting a critical relation toward public space and contemporary social environment.



2 – Polonca LovÅ¡in, Movement for Public Speech, since 2015 

This artistic device imagined by the artist implies an active participation of the public. Every participant can improvise himself as a speaker on the platform which is accessible from the stairs, but at one condition… find his own public! The speaker’s speech can be heard only if someone is moving on the platform underneath, generating with those movements energy.




Lovšin has built a wooden staircase with a small podium stage and placed below it an interactive platform for harvesting electricity by movement. The speech givers above and the movers on the platform below are dependent on each other. The electricity generated by movement is used for the microphone and enables the person speaking to produce a loud speech in a public space. If the speakers don’t have supporters, their speech will not be heard.

This autonomous unit, not connected to an existing electrical grid, suggests a new system: autonomous, independent, free, yet based on collaboration. It suggests a different order between the people on the top and the ones below. The project empowers the audience, the speakers and the people who produce electricity through their movement with an awareness of how they must depend on one another.

Concept development, product design and production of prototypes of electricity generators powered with human power: Asst. dr. Andrej Cupar, Dipl. Ing. Mech. Eng. – product designer, University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Laboratory for Engineering Design / Asst. Prof. dr. Jasmin Kaljun, Dipl. Ing. Mech. Eng. – product designer, Laboratory for Intelligent CAD Systems, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor, Slovenia.