Strasbourg, September 2017 – Ljubljana #1 : “.Entry Point” – Brida

The city of Ljubljana enjoys a great number of creators and artistic projects related to urbanity and to changes affecting contemporary cities. Apollonia brings together artists, architects, composers who will produce and display artworks questioning cities’ identity and evolution. – Ljubljana especially focuses on new technologies, environment and urban sounds through the work of artists such as BridA, Radio Cona (Brane Zorman & Irena Pivka), Miha Strukelj, Polonca Lovsin, Martin Bricelj and Neja Tomsic.
A selection of art videos and a new experience built through a sound art itinerary will give a great opportunity to discover several aspects of Slovenian contemporary arts scene.


The Exhibition : “.Entry Point”
From 5th October to 17th December of 2017.
at Apollonia, 23 Rue Boecklin, 67000 Strasbourg


BridA approaches art as a meeting place, a space whose relentless creative potential has the ability to resist the power structures and their agenda of atomisation or and division. The motto of the trio centres on the joint artistic engagement as an activity of social construction. This principle combines two basic features of BridA’s artistic research that might seem somewhat contradicting: on the one hand, the group clearly engages with the field of painting. Painting topics are often at the forefront and that BridA continues to consciously explore historical painting issues, especially the radical cuts from past avant-garde times. On the other hand, there is the issue of sociality, i.e. the relationship between the individual and the collective as well as the complex dynamics caused by this interaction, especially in the public sphere, which remains the main stage of BridA’s artistic questioning. It is however no coincidence that the issues of ‘painting’ present the point of entry into their reflections, as the primary objective of the group is to go beyond the confined ivory tower of art whose favoured historical emblem was theconnoisseurship of painting, with all its class and economic implications. Brida’s emancipatory call is for demythisation of the art process: you no longer have to be one of the anointed for art to be a part of your scope of understanding, you no longer have to be a devotee for art issues to interest you.


In the limelight of the Slovenian creative scene for 20 years, BridA develops projects combining artistic research and new technologies.
Apollonia chose interactive works that question the relations between the city and the individual, along with some other participatory projects from the collective.
Within the framework of – Ljubljana / Artecitya.
BridA/Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica