Strasbourg, January 2017

Artecitya European Tour #1 : Strasbourg

Artecitya is happy to introduce you to his European Tour. Every month, one of the partners of the project suggest you an exhibition and a few places to visit in the city. In the frame of its project – Berlin and the launch of Philoxenias exhibition on March, the 3rd, Apollonia invites you to discover the city of Strasbourg for one weekend.

The exhibition in Apollonia

In the frame of e.cité – Berlin, our renovated space will host the Philoxenia exhbition. Designed by Stephen Wilks, it will present a table, among some of his other works, metaphorically transposed in a hosting and sharing space. Table-City is a settlement made of porcelain paving stones evoking the outline of a megalopolis. The artist imagined this project as a shared territory, a convivial space for exchanges and dialogue. From its symbolism but also its shape, Table City unveils difficulties that social and urban spaces are facing when they have to deal with opening and integrating others. This piece of work is part of a broader political and social commitment which has always been a key aspect in Stephen Wilks work. The exhibition will start on March, 3rd 2017.

There are a few other places to go if you plan to stay in Strasbourg :

A place to visit : La Chambre

Located on the 4 Place d’Austerlitz, La Chambre is an exhibition space and a reception center dedicated to photography: from documentary photography to plastic photography, including young photographs and conceptual projects. La Chambre addresses the status and limits of the image on every exhibition. By offering a programmation reaching all publics, not taking into account fashionable topics, La Chambre is, without any doubt, one of Strasbourgs galleries must see.

A place to rest : Le Graffalgar

Le Graffalgar is an innovative hostel with a modern and urban design. Every room is unique and personalised by artists who were given carte blanche to express their creativity. It is a real crossroad for travellers, artists and curious wanderers. This hostel is also a place to express and exchange thanks to animations, workshops and tips for an alternative discovery of Strasbourg.
Both a hostel, a theatre, an art gallery and soon to be a restaurant, the Graffalgar aims to develop a dynamic based on exchange among the visitors of the hostel and the citys inhabitants.
It is located on 17, rue déserte, near the train station.

A place to eat : Le Banquet des Sophistes

The Sophists are expecting you for a bistronomique feast in a warn ambiance in an authentic and trendy setting. On the menu ? Bistronomic dishes and culinar discoveries, suitable for warmest discussions in an authentic decorum. The cuisine is a mix of typical bistrot conviviality and creativity. Their menus are made of fresh and seasonal products, gathering products and spices of the world in order to bring you new flavors.
The restaurant is located to 5 rue d’Austerlitz, next to La Chambre, ideal for an afternoon full of artistic and culinary discoveries.
Written by Kevin Darras for Apollonia Translation by Lucille Henry