Strasbourg, November 2016

A piece of heaven in Robertsau Strasbourg

Apollonia’s garden is slowly taking shape in the Robertsau neighbourhood (Strasbourg). During the past few months, Apollonia and many volunteers have been involved in the project of creating a shared garden with ecological and social purposes.

Garden development

The last two months, many installations have been designed. Firstly, our civic services, linked to Apollonia, have created an initial 45 ft2/m2 plot. On this land grow many vegetables. Salads, radishes, turnips, but also carrots and beetroots that are already available to be harvested. Once this first step was over, we focused on sanitation work to prepare the soil for the upcoming crops.
We contacted nearby companies to obtain used materials, following an approach that aims to recycle things in an aesthetic way. We also started to create structures that will serve to shape the different spaces. It will soon be ready to welcome all citizens living in the neighbourhood. Additionally a temporary compost has been built with used materials. It will help to fertilize two new 12 ft2/m2 parcels in a close future.
Several workshops have been set up to match the participative philosophy of the garden. Currently, on Wednesday afternoons, kids, accompanied by their parents, come to sow spinach, radishes, strawberries or raspberries. Simultaneously, a design workshop of permaculture and an initiation course to permaculture is being set up with professionals from Strasbourg.

A place to welcome artistic projects

Sunday October 16th Apollonia hosted the finishing of the exhibition « La Malle: Deux français au Chaco dans les années 30  ». Suggested by Philippe Obliger and Gerard Puel. The event welcomed over 130 people who explored the garden and reflected on which improvements could be made. They were asked to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas on how to make this garden a think-tank for unlimited creativity. All of it is based on sustainable development, citizen participation and art.

A place to meet and share

In order to make this garden a location where people meet and share their knowledge, Apollonia has envisioned outdoor layouts: Artecitya exhibitions will take place in the garden and a relaxation area will be built to allow the community to enjoy nature in the Robertsau area. The aim of this initiative is to promote the revegetation of public spaces and to raise citizens awareness towards artistic creation whilst reinforcing social bonds that link inhabitants of the suburb. There is no doubt that during the past weeks, the development of the garden has taken a leap forward. With the participation of Apollonia and the local population, this project has a bright future.

Discover the “finissage” of the exhibition La Malle at Apollonia, featuring awesome views of our garden.