Strasbourg, September 2016

Stephen Wilks, Guebwiller – Residence


Stephen Wilks was invited to conduct a Masterclass in the European Institute of Ceramic Arts (IEAC) in Guebwiller situated in South of Alsace, near to Mulhouse and Basel. Wilks has held three sessions with IEAC students and even took part in the students exhibition showing the result of their common work.

Stephen Wilks, born in England in 1964, lives and works in Berlin. Graduated from the Beaux-Arts in Paris and from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, he is a multi-faceted visual artist with many commitments. He uses different mediums, such as photography, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, always keeping in perspective the questioning of the relationship between society and the individual. Stephen Wilks work on migrations, multiple cultures and travel is reflected in his commitment and his works dealing with the situation of migrants. He thus created an imposing installation Bottle River of 1.400 ceramic bottles, such as the flow of migrants, of which only plastic bottles remain stranded after their passage.

Stephen Wilks - Table-City Residence in Guebwiller: September to November 2016 Exhibition in Guebwiller: from December 3rd to 24th at CCR des Dominicains Part of the exhibition Philoxenie at Apollonia:  4th March to the 31st May 2017