Strasbourg, June 2016

Vladimir Skoda – Reflets de l’Etoile

The exhibition Reflets de l’Etoile by Vladimir Skoda took place from June 5th until July 31th at Apollonia – Strasbourg. It introduced different aspects and changes that occured in the artist’s work.


Vladimir Skoda : Echo between sculpture and drawing

When he was a youngster, Vladimir Skoda was taking drawing and painting classes. In addition to his job in the metal industry. When he arrived in France in 1968, he gave up painting and dedicated himself to sculpture and drawing.
He associates his graphic work and his plastic researches. Skoda works using different techniques (etching, dust, coloured pencil, felts).

An evolving artwork

The sphere is an essential geometric shape and a common piece of Skoda’s work and it has been transfigured by his researches it in the early 90’s. Later, new shapes appeared, such as the pendulum or the mirror. The installation Kora magnifies the tilting system and dynamics. It’s the first use of the polished concave mirror. For his early works at the forge, Skoda focused on the inner space of the matter, but later, with the use of polishing techniques and concave surfaces, his work opened outward. It’s possessed by the idea of elsewhere. The black and light-absorbing surfaces fascinate us as much as the shiny and reflecting one.
Vladimir Skoda’s life course was much influenced by the people he met and by his interests for science and mathematics. Passionate exchanges with scientists fuel his creativity. The artist is fascinated by the cosmos. His artwork depicts the infinite and gloss over the laws of gravity. In this exhibition, Skoda introduces Tambour to pay tribute to his friend Gérard Grisey. Both artists met during their stay at the Villa Médicis. The title of the exhibition Reflets de l’Étoile refers to the song Le Noir de l’Etoile that Grisey dedicated to the Percussions de Strasbourg (Strasbourg Drum Ensemble).