Strasbourg, July 2016

Rousse, Colmar – Art & Professional integration

Visu Structure
The first Artecitya project took place in Strasbourg. After months of labour, the city of Colmar and the Local Mission of Upper Rhine (Alsace), have seen the concrete result of their efforts. If Apollonia is not the leader of the project, the association still has taken part to it. We are delighted of this first Citizen-Lab experience results. This was the third achievement of the Local Mission of Upper Rhine, after the FASADEU and PROXEMIE projects.
The artistic project, Murmuraction, aims at promoting contemporary Art in public spaces. It is an anamorphosis, a piece of art by the plastic artist Georges Rousse. This artistic installation has something magical. It can only be discovered when placed at a precise point that was previously decided by the artist. A wanderer could see the piece of art walking near to the city center. But also from other points : the Saint-Joseph/Mittelhardt district and Saint-Leon district. The edifying structure of six tonnes is decorated by red stripes overhanging the Manufacture’s wall. It will certainly astonish. If the wanderer walks across the street, on the opposite pavement, he will discover from a very precise point a big red circle emanating from the metallic cube. This is possible thanks to optical illusion.
George Rousse checking plans
The spectator has no longer a passive role, because the artistic installation revealed itself when he/she arbitrarly decides to take the right position. Even if it is open to the public, the comprehension of such a creation could be difficult. The volunteers who are doing a civic service at Apollonia will organize small events before, during and after the setting up of the artistic installation in order to explain the concept. The creation will also be a pretext to organize artistic and citizen meetings. Georges Rousse, famous photographer and plastic artist, works on illusion and anamorphosis.
Indeed, this structure has been made by a group of fifteen trainee metalworkers. What could be more rewarding than seeing those youngsters find a job thanks to the creation of a piece of art ? All of them found a job at the end of the training. Thanks to the determination of their partners, the Local Mission of Upper Rhine managed to complete this project. Some other youngsters who had no specific skills were able to make a step forward toward employment. Indeed, they took care of the refurbishment of the loadbearing wall of the structure. This training was playful and artistic. It’s a wonderful knowledge pool.
A youngster working with metal
Installation of the structure
Youngsters at work
Thanks to M’Intérim Insertion Colmar, Inser Emploi Colmar and l’Emploi. As well as the Fond d’Assurance Formation du Travail Temporaire and the AFPA, who widely contributed to the accomplishment of the project.