Strasbourg, June 2016

The Art Of Urban Interference

EXHIBITION Art of Urban Interference was an exhibition that took place from April 28th to May 29th 2016. It offered the opportunity to discover the work of artists, architects and designers from Prague. Those presented their own vision of the contemporary city. Through video-projection, art installation and photography, the viewer was invited to discover different actions aiming, through an artistic framework, to improve the quality of life in the city, and to create an harmonious situation between the citizen and his environment.
ARTISTS Designed by Jaroslav Andel, the exhibition featured ten artists, designers and architects, who are all coming from Prague : Igor Kovačević & Yvetta Vašourková, Michal Sloboda & Ondřej Brom, Anežka Hrubá Ciglerová, Epos 257, Michal Kindernay, Jakub Nepraš, Vladimir Turner. CONFERENCE A conference has been hold in partnership with the ENSAS (Strasbourg School of Architecture), on Monday, April 25th from 2PM to 6PM. It featured some of the artists of The Art of Urban Interference, teachers and architects. The Art of Urban Interference has been, after the exhibitions of Frantisek Zvardon and Michael Bielicky & Kamila B. Richter, an exciting third act in our e-cite project. It was followed on June 5th by the exhibition of Vladimir Skoda.