Strasbourg, December 2016


To help us develop our artistic process for the Artecitya Project, we invited seven civic services to join Apollonia. From september to may 2017, they work on the development of the citizen lab project, in Strasbourg and Colmar. As they are all wonderful but all different, we introduce them to you. 

Can you introduce yourself ? How old are you ? What have you been studying ?
I’m Zoé, and I’m 23 years old. I have been studying visual arts in the design department of the University of Strasbourg. I graduated with a bachelor degree last year and I would like to continue my studies in this field of competence to get a Master degree, but I’m still thinking about it.

Why did you apply to this civic service ?
I applied to this civic service because I found the european and artistic aspect of Apollonia and its Artecitya project really interesting and inspiring. I also wanted to have a break from my studies for a year, to be sure of my choice for my studies and to get a concrete view of a work environment. The concept of the civic service allows me to do this experience like a long-term internship. It was the opportunity for me to add a professional experience, by discovering artists, people, projects and even my own city.

How are you involved in the Artecitya Project ?
I am taking part in the Artecitya Project through the Citizen Lab, which is the link between citizens and artworks, exhibitions and fundamental ideas of the association. We are trying to bring people to participate in their city’s life. We are also involved in the edition of publications, following the previous e-cite cycle and masterclasses. It doesn’t prevent us to fid or rake in our shared garden once in a while.

What’s your reflexion process regarding the importance of art and human being in our cities ?
In my opinion, people should be more supported to participate in art installations and public spaces. They also should be given an opportunity to play a real part in their city’s life. Art in the city is like breathe for public spaces and people living everyday in this place.
Art in the city is a way of discussing things, it is questioning, inspiring, leading to positive as well as negative reactions. I think people, and I include myself, think they are too small, even powerless regarding to the city scale, but could find some self-accomplishment by getting involved in artistic, human, or urban interferences.