Strasbourg, July 2016



Can you introduce yourself ? How old are you ? What have you been studying ?

My name is Pierre, I’m 21.
Three years ago I got a high school degree in economics. Then I studied Psychology for one year and Law for a year and half. But nothing was very conclusive.

Why did you apply to this civic service ?

I knew the civic services project for a long time, and I wanted to take part. It’s only when I stopped my studies that I joined it. Indeed, I felt like I was «useless». I had the sensation that I was doing nothing, I was’t moving forward in my life and I was’t doing anything that would satisfy me intellectually. Furthermore, I wasn’t feeling socially useful. I’ve always been attracted by art, would it be its technical or philosophical aspect, but I never took the time to dive into it. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do or understand anything. The civic services project allow me to step in this field of activity.

More than that, art in the streets always had some significant power of attraction on me. To be able to work close to the citizens or to help them develop the life of their neighborhood is a very interesting experience. I’ve always thought that the policy of a city that isn’t taking its citizen point of view into consideration had no reason to be. Indeed, inhabitants are the one who make the city, and they are the one who embody it.

How do you take part in the Artecitya project ?

I take part in the Artecitya project by being active in a maximum of projects. Indeed, whereas my involvment as a civic service was mainly related to the Citizen-Lab projects I also take part in the assembling and dismantlining ot the exhibitions.

What’s your reflexion process regarding the importance of art and human being in our cities ?

I am taking part to the reflexion about Human and Art in the city by doing my civic service, as it allows me to help to the development of my city, and to the one of my suburb, the Robertsau. As I said before, the consideration of art in the city, and its development always were major concerns to me. It’s very exciting to have the opportunity to play such a role.

However, I think that things should go further, probably because citizens are not 100% committed in the project yet. I understand how hard it is to get the inhabitants involved  in the development of their neighborhood, and even more to get them to come and help. Art in the city is a top topic, way too interesting and important to give it up. I’m proud to be part of those projects.

How did you get involved in the Citizen-Lab project ?

I’m mainly involved in two of the projects of the Citizen-Lab. The one of the Neuhof and of the Robertsau. Regarding the one in Neuhof, I took part to a week of workshop and meetings with the civic services and employees of the Socio-cultural center. We are trying to raise the awareness of the inhabitants of the neighborhood, and to work for the development of a shared space dedicated to togetherness. The action of our partners Bellastock to the workshop at Neuhof was a step in this direction.

However, the Citizen-Lab project I involved the most is the one in the Robertsau suburb. Indeed, we took part to many steps of the project : the design, the execution, and every step of the project : contacting the partners, making of the plans, defining what is at stakes and what are the goals. This way, I had the opportunity to meet our partners, the vegetable producers the Hornecker family. I discovered how they worked, and I developped my knowledges about this topic, which makes me able to share it now for the participative garden.