Strasbourg, December 2016



To help us develop our artistic process for the Artecitya Project, we invited seven civic services to join Apollonia. From september to mai 2017, they work on the development of the citizen lab project, in Strasbourg and Colmar. As they are all wonderful but all different, we introduce them to you.

Can you introduce yourself ? How old are you ? What have you been studying ?

I’m Lauranne, i’m 23 years old. After a scientific baccalaureate, I studied arts for two years in the University of Bordeaux. Aftewards, I chose to study design, I found it more pragmatic, and especially landscape and interior design. I then graduated with a BTS space design followed by a DSAA space design. It is similar to a master with a ” sustainable design ” speciality, in La Souteraine.

Why did you apply to this civic service ?

I have a dream, to manage a designers/artists/architects collective with my school friends. So after my diploma I started looking for a first job or internship for a long period in order to have more concrete experiences. Then I discovered civic service, a concept which I appreciated. We can get involved in the life of an association and understand its organization. We are confronted to the reality unlike in school.
Apollonia works with european partners, so it’s a good opportunity for us. More over, its approach of projects is very interesting and innovating, to build new city with more art, more citizen involvement and more humanity.

How are you involved in the Artecitya project ?

I’m involved in the Artecitya project through the citizen lab. Actually, we try to make a link between inhabitants and the artistic field. I contribute to edit publications of exhibitions and raise awareness to the ongoing projects. It’s a various and rich purpose.

What‘s your reflexion process regarding the importance of art and human being in our cities ?

I believe in collaboration, collaboration between architects, artists, politics and citizens. I believe that the city of tomorrow must and can be build through more collaboration. In order for everyone to find its place, everyone must play a part. Today our society is facing a social, economic and environmental crisis and it’s time to react. Since I’m involved in Apollonia, I’m even more convinced that a solution will emerge from art and make us think, participate and challenge ourselves.