Strasbourg, December 2016


To help us develop our artistic process for the Artecitya Project, we invited seven civic services to join Apollonia. From september to may 2017, they work on the development of the citizen lab project, in Strasbourg and Colmar. As they are all wonderful but all different, we introduce them to you.

Can you introduce yourself
 ? How old are you ? What have you been studying ?
My name is Kevin, i’m 21 years old.
I’ve studied History and Psychology in Nantes. Then I’ve made a documentary about society and politics in Lomé, Togo. I was supposed to integrate a journalism school this year, but I had a problem and couldn’t do it, so I will next year !

Why did you apply to this civic service
I was looking for an alternative to my journalism school, and Lucille, who you just met in an other article, suggested me to apply to this civic service. Apollonia was looking for a person to create a Web Series, and ever since I’ve made my documentary, I’m very interested by the audiovisual work. Moreover I have been seduced by Apollonia’s ideology about the city, so I came.

How are you involved in the Artecitya project ?
For now, I work on the communication of the projects, I realize videos and I take pictures of the artists in residency. Then I will participate to the development of Web-Series, which will fully integrate the Artecitya Project.

‘s your reflexion process regarding the importance of art and human being in our cities ?
I think that our cities, in the past, were just build in an economical logic. Now, with progress and a certain comfort we have, we must rehabilitate them. We must think about ecological issues, about aesthetics aspects of our cities for our wellness. And we, all together, are concerned and must be a part of this change, because everybody is able to bring an idea which will improve our environment.