Strasbourg, December 2016



To help us develop our artistic process for the Artecitya Project, we invited seven civic services to join Apollonia. From september to may 2017, they work on the development of the citizen lab project, in Strasbourg and Colmar. As they are all wonderful but all different, we introduce them to you.

Can you introduce yourself ? How old are you ? What have you been studying ?

My name is Florent, i’m 20 years old. I’ve been studying carpentry during 4 years: two years focusing in “certificate of professional competence” and two in “professional certificate”.

Why did you apply to this civic service ?

A friend told me that Apollonia was looking for people for develop a garden and when I came to get more informations about it, the project immediately inspired me.

How are you involved in the Artecitya project ?

I’m developing the garden, which aims to become a shared garden. It fits entirely Apollonia’s spirit and it’s a fundamental step in the Artecitya project. I take care of the space development.

What‘s your reflexion process regarding the importance of art and human being in our cities ?

I found this very interesting, because not everybody has the opportunity to be educated to art and think about the city of tomorrow. We must, with Apollonia and the Artecitya project, allow people to be an important part in the development of their city, our city. The urban landscape can only benefit from it.