Prague, May 2016

our intervention on I.P.Pavlova in Strasbourg !

29.4.–29. 5. 2016 / 23 rue Boecklin, Strasbourg, France

„Open Stage I.P.Pavlova“ was dealing with a heavy traffic road, the ‘Magistrála’, referred often as a highway in the middle of Prague. This public happening had temporary installations such as markets, bars and other services. The space was designed as a friendly urban garden with furniture and stage for artists. It was open for the public every day from 10am to 10pm and was enhanced by a cultural program. The public was also welcome to participate to the program of the installation itself. The Open Stage started by the artistic performance of Patrik Hábl, who defined the area by his large-scale painting, covering a surface of 300m2 – a background for the spontaneous action. To name only a few of more than 80 participants, we can mention for example DJ Lumiere (29.7.) or the music ensemble Prague Modern (27.7.). There were also four movie nights by Aerofilms, the design market ´Dyzajn na Ípaku´ and every day a flashmob action. Children were not forgotten in the programme, they could play with the artistic group ´Enfant Terrible´ or paint and draw at the workshops which were run by Marie Vymazalová.

The Art of Urban Interference exhibition, curated by Jaroslav Anděl and organised by our Artecitya partner Apollonia, was an opportunity to present this project and works of other artists, architects and designers of Prague, in a non-formal way as to represent their vision of the contemporary city. Via video projections, installations and photography, the spectator was invited to explore various interventions which common aim was to enhance the quality of life in the city through art and create a harmonious state between the citizen and its environment.


I.P. Pavlova intervention