Prague, February 2017

The Negrelli Viaduct: a creative incubator

The Negrelli Viaduct project is a long-term running initiative that CCEA started back in 2013. It lies between Urbanism, Architecture, Art and the public interest. It draws attention to the potential of Karlín‘s viaduct, the second oldest bridge in Prague, and attempts to include this important construction into the urban life of the city. The impulse for this project is the upcoming vast reconstruction project of the bridge, which beginning is planned for Autumn 2017 and end for 2020. A constructive discussion on the possible new use of the spaces under the viaduct was initiated by CCEA in the past few years, together with partners from the public and private sectors (Prague City Hall, Prague 8 City Hall, SŽDC, Consorcium for Karlín). A new important creative hub could therefore emerge near the historical core of the city as well as a representative entry to Karlín, the oldest faubourg of Prague. The Negrelli viaduct could be a generator for positive change, but also a tool for the revitalization and economical boost of this part of the city, which today remains neglected and witnesses some difficulties. Karlín could therefore become a popular destination for locals as well as for tourists. We wish that this creative incubator will be able to accomplish its cultural function on the city level as well. In 2016, the project was supported by the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme.