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Prague, February 2017

Rivers of Brno

CCEA initiated in 2015 the association ‘ Řeky Brna krásnejší’ (translated as ‘Brno Rivers Beautiful’), gathering architects and urbanists, in order to raise awareness on the quality of the rivers in Brno in Czech Republic. The two rivers, Svratka and Svitava, are organic parts of the city. Their potential for free time, sports, culture and generally for a common space for the inhabitants to share is not exploited enough. CCEA raises awareness on the topic and organises participative activities in order to open the discussion around the potentials and possible future of the Brno rivers. The long term goal is to create an independent platform that generates projects or strategies, revealing or enhancing the quality of the rivers and the public spaces of their surroundings. Indeed, recently the Svratka Riverfront architecture and landscape competition was announced ! You can check its story  ! With Artecitya, Rivers of Brno will initiate artistic events, bringing the rivers closer to the inhabitants of Brno, by implementing various interventions into the public spaces as well as into the galleries, through virtual media, installations etc. .. >>> more stories to come !