Prague, February 2017

Magistrála = the New Prague Boulevard


CCEA has been working actively on the topic of the Prague Magistrála road since 2010. The road is perceived as a highway and a barriere in the middle of the city of Prague. Our aim is to generate and accompany the transformation of the Magistrála road, into an environment where cars, pedestrians, cyclists and public transport can coexist, where trees grow, where there are benches to sit on, and where plenty of bars, restaurants, shops, galleries, and new important city buildings can be found. At first, we started the discussion on the level of the City Hall, subsequently the negotiations moved to the level of individual districts, and as the outcome of these debates, the ”Initiative for the Humanization of the Magistrála road “ was created within the districts of Prague 2, 4 and 7. In 2016, an urban intervention in the form of a happening was installed in the public space of the I.P.Pavlova, a section of the Magistrála road. The happening was then exhibited in 2016 in Strasbourg by our Artecitya partner, Apollonia >>> you can check it story !

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