The Centre for Central European Architecture is an NGO established in 2001. It is an alternative space for further education and research in Architecture. Focusing on experts and professional architects, as well as the wider public interested in following current developments in Architecture, it looks for possible ways of perceiving and understanding the built environment. The research based both theoretically and practically connects Architecture with the other fields of Humanities and Arts.


CCEA does not perceive its own mission as a mere popularization of Architecture but mainly as searching, reading and redefining the architecture identity of Central Europe. The region remains neglected by the contemporary architecture theories, even though a strong historical, social and trading association exists between the present individual states.

We focus on the contemporary city.

CCEA is involved in defining The Central European Culture.


Composed of architects, engineers, landscapers, designers, sociologists, technicians, and many more artists … Our partner, Bellastock team, is considering experimentation as a vector of innovation and pedagogy. Those stakeholders from complementary disciplines gather their knowledge and know-how to support architectural project and territory transformation.


In Artecitya, we are challenging a new role of architects and urbanists as initiators of the urban and cultural changes. Focusing on two projects in Prague and Brno, we will share our initiative capacity with other partners and bring infrastructural projects into art fields. The common work between artists and professions educated to create public spaces should encourage both fields to initiate permanent changes onto the public space, not just to provide  criticism on the current  status of the public space.