Paris, October 2016

Bellastock : “The Ephemeral City” 2017

Bellastock association is pleased to announce its 12th “Ephemeral City” for the beginning of July 2017.

«The Ephemeral City» is an experimental architecture festival where the participants have to conceive, build and inhabits their shelter during the event while questioning the cycle of life of their project. This “urban fiction” is a media to question the audience about the tools for a collective fabric of the city integrating the problematic of settling up ecologic and temporary infrastructures. It’s the opportunity to apprehend notions of uses, (re)definition of common space and the citizen design of the city. Taking place in a real context, the festival integrates a larger research about urban mutation, implementing a consequent network of local actors as well as scientific and cultural stakeholders.

Co-writing the Scenario

One of the most important and central aspect of the Ephemeral city is the collective writing of its scenario. In this aim, Bellastock provides Bi-monthly participative meetings and collaborative working session fostering from 20 to 40 people in Ecole-Nationale-Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville. The first mission of this group is to define a common theme focused on a contemporary territorial or material problematic while looking for the appropriate site to implement the event.

Learning to gather

The second step to build this common story is the programming of explorations, lectures and workshop as pedagogic support to co-create the registration file and consolidate the organization while broadcasting knowledge and unite the organization team.

Collective Experience

The Final stage is materialized by the collective experimentation. Building and living together to finally unveil the Ephemeral city and welcome a large scale public while monitoring awareness raising within a festive atmosphere.
This collective work has just started and If you would like to participate and share your ideas and knowledge and meet nice people you are welcome to join the team. We are also looking for ambassadors into schools of architecture, design, art, crafts, landscape. The mission will be to inform the students, organize a presentation lecture and implement a pedagogic partnership with the school with a Bellastock project manager by your side to help you. Of course the ambassadors are invited to be part of the staff during the festival.

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