Paris, July 2016


The weekend preceeding the SUPERSTOCK festival, Bellastock hosted the second SUPERVILLE meeting at Friche Miko in Bobigny (near Paris). In two days, the workshops included times of reflexions based on construction ability of each association and collective. Ten seminaries were held, and the workshop included time for the actual building of infrastructures.


The first Superville meeting happened in 2013, it was hosted by ETC collective. After a trip across France, they had invited all the association they encountered on their path so as to reunite and think about architecture and urbanism. This was the birth of SUPERVILLE.


During the 2nd meeting, the following associations were present :

Actes et Cités, Approche.s, Atelier Bivouac, Bellastock, Cabanon Vertical, Capibaribe, Captain Ludd, Carton Plein, Safi, Collectif 2.4, Collectif Etc, Collectif ForMaRev, Collectif Parenthèse, Saga Collectif, coloco, Constructlab, Espasces possibles ?, Horizome Asso, PIXEL 13, Hyperville, ICI Initiatives Construites Ilo-Dionysiennes, L’association, Le Fil, PZZL, Quatorze, Radio Charrette, Saprophyte Phyte, Sixième Continent,, Surface Totale, Université Foraine – Clermont Ferrand, WATF, Yes We Camp, Zeppelin Collectif …


At the end, a fanzine was produced, compelling all the perspectives that emerged during the seminaries and workshops sessions. It is available here for the online version (french only).