Paris, June 2016



Lectures & Debate / Questioning the thema of Mobility

3 problematics / 10 speakers / 500 people as audience

In march 2015, Bellastock and ENSA-Paris Belleville hosted a cycle of lectures and debate questioning the thema of urban mobility. True pedagogic tool, it allowed to raise awareness an audience mainly composed of professionals of city planning and architecture, urbanism and lanscape students. 3 problematics have been choose, giving a place to present the point of view of specialists.

-  Contemporary nomads : 4/03/2015. Study of urban nomad practice regarding metropolitan habits.

Alexandre Romanès (co-founder of Tzigan Romanès Circus)

Echelle inconnue (research collectiv on urban nomad practice)

Francesco Careri (Co-founder of the Stalker Collectiv)


-  Exploratory walks : 11/03/2015. Territorial exploration by walking as a tool of reading and writting the urban space.

Le voyage métropolitain (urban explorations organizers)

Myriam Lefkowitz (Choreographer)

Bruit du Frigo (Architecture collectiv)


 – Mobile Architectures : 18/03/2015. What are the mobile, flexible and sustainable architectural system that can answer contemporary urban transformation.

Olivier Boucheron (architect, researcher et prof.)

Yes We Camp (Alternative urban installation)

Raumlabor (Architects)

+ an interview of Yona Friedman special mentor of Play Mobile the ephemeral city 2015.


Artecitya_Paris_Technical Report 2015