Nicosia, June 2016




29 December 2015: 10:00 – 12:00 noon

On-site workshop

23 & 24 January 2016: 10:00 – 16:00

Construction works



@ “The Structure” makerspace, in the parking lot next to Home for Cooperation, opposite Ledra Palace.



Urban Gorillas joins the ‘the Structure’ makerspace for an interactive design workshop to create a public seating object that will be installed in a public space in the city, where its use will be observed over time.  SITME_PLAYME proposes the use of an open participatory workspace, where everyone is invited to come and play, interact, share ideas, offer skills and create. In this spirit, Urban Gorillas invite you to come join the second part of our workshop on Saturday and Sunday, 23 & 24 January at the ‘the Structure’ Makerspace to collaboratively design and build an object for public use.  Together, we will draft the design proposal, make a workplan for the object’s creation and choose a site for its future residency, and then assemble an interactive object for use in public space.

SITME_PLAYME is organized by ARTos Foundation and Hack66, and with the support of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, within the framework of the Creative Europe Programme ARTECITYA 2014 – 2018.



Phase 1:

  • Introduction of the Project
  • Introduction of workshop Participants and identifying each participants’ Skills
  • Sharing of similar Project References
  • Sharing of available Materials
  • Discussion of Assembly Techniques

Phase 2:

  • Sharing ideas and Brainstorming session
  • Sketching and Designing
  • Deciding on One Idea to be realized
  • Agree on the Tools needed for the Construction Works
  • Create a Workplan



Urban Gorillas proposes the participatory construction of a multi-functional object for use in public space.There is no pre-conceived design or pre-determined result, only three ‘criteria’ for the object’s function once it is completed. These are:

  • That it offers a place to sit / rest
  • That it greens the space it is set in
  • That it invites play and interaction through sound

Urban Gorillas will bring to The Structure Makerspace a collection of reclaimed materials for participant doers to use. Additional recycled / reclaimed materials and found objects brought by the participants will be also encouraged through the open call for participation and the spontaneity of the creative on-site process.

The object will remain at the Makerspace until the end of the project’s timeframe and will be observed as to how it is used, reacted to and even changed, in keeping with the spirit of the overall project. Later Urban Gorillas will move the object and install it in another public space in the city for its continued use by the public. It will be observed over time to see how people will react to it, how and how much it will be used, and if it will be cared for, abused, changed or even moved. The location could be one where a city webcam already exists, adding to the visibility of the object to the public and adding the voyeur element to the public installation. The object may move to other locations in the city and monitored regularly to see how people interact with it.


A few words about Urban Gorillas:

As an organisation that works primarily in the field of public space and its use and regeneration, both the process of creating the object and monitoring how people will interact with it in different locations is of particular interest to Urban Gorillas. The object’s design is unknown, as well as its journey, life and final destiny. However SITME_PLAYME provides a vehicle through which to explore public space, and its usage, and to gain further insight on how urban dwellers in our island’s capital respond to small-scale installations in their city. The process of the object’s creation is an expression of Urban Gorillas’ own values that embrace participation and community engagement.

A few words about The Structure Makerspace:

The Structure is an open participatory workspace, a modular transparent makerspace, or a durational interactive public art installation (!) for/with techies, artists, makers and inventors, created by ARTos Foundation and #hack66. The idea for the Structure is based on the principles of re-use, recycling, and reclamation of materials, as well as on the principles of radical inclusion, gifting, de-commodification, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, “Leaving No Trace,” participation, and immediacy. The project’s politics are those of do-ocracy, of making, openness, freedom, transparency, and collaboration.