Nicosia, November 2016

Sensing the City – A socio-product for the smart citizens.

Can our brain and senses contribute to our city ?

Innovation Gym proposes a technological solution.

Decision-making in cities often occurs without the participation of its citizens. The city is the place where people create their geographical and emotional territory. Citizens become the bodies that shape the city, but rarely have the chance to recreate or change the urban space based on their needs and preferences or maybe dare to say their hopes and fears.
Within the framework of ‘creating new ideas that matter in society’, Innovation Gym initiative in cooperation with young unemployed scientist is developing a device which will give the opportunity to volunteers (citizens) to wonder within the city, while studying their brain activity and their focusing mapping on their surrounding environment. It can record what is perceived through their senses, both positive and negative stimuli, while walking around the city of Nicosia, Cyprus. This “socio-product” will also be tested in other EU cities and combine the results of the different scenarios.

A bridge between the chaotic behaviours of the brain and the city

People become the subject of the city and infinitely receptive beings through their sensory perception and brain processing blended with their memories. Somebody could say that ‘Sensing the city’ is a questioner answered by participants’‘subconscious’ mind. The chaotic behaviours of the brain and the city can be bridged by getting real-time information about how the citizens feel and interact and react to this data/information. 
The results will be shared with Municipalities, Ministries, Universities and local Research groups working in similar fields. It is extremely important for us to view ourselves at innovation gym within a cultural foundation producing new technological product that contribute to decision making, safety, health and vision for the future. We in Europe we can still develop new ideas, create new products in the highly competitive world we are living in and the same time contribute to change.


Artos Cultural & Research Foundation and Innovation Gym is happy to announce that the first prototype is ready and working and we move forward to the calibration stage. All we need now is a few “brains” and more materials and scientist to work in parallel.
We are searching for some experts on private information matters to secure that all data collected will remain anonymous. We are open for discussion with anybody who has experience with those issues.
Our vision is to challenge innovative processes and create meaningful “products” which add to social impact, better feedback and communication and utilise smart citizens’ behaviour. After all we need to develop healthy communication bridges between authorities and citizens. The engagement of young scientist by supporting them with mentoring and technology infrastructure, aims to lead them into a start-up that can be sustainable for them, the society and at the end to European economy.   The creative industry should be engaged in the process of global economy development.

In December 2016, the ARTos Foundation team working on the ‘Sensing the City’ travelled to Prague for the brain Hackthon 2016. There, they had the opportunity to introduce the latest prototype and exchange good practices with other participants from different European countries. Teams of artists, scientists, psychologists, neuroscientists and developers worked together for three days on projects operating with brain-computer interface technologies.

Artecitya Nicosia team it’s on its final improvement stage and within the next six months we will be able to do the first test in Nicosia. Volunteers will use this wearable device and stroll through the city and record their brainwaves with which we will determine whether they have a positive or negative emotional effect. This will be another form of dialogue between the city as a physical space and the brain activity of the citizens.