Nicosia, January 2017

Refugee Camp

Refugee Camp

ARTOs Foundation is happy to announce that the project Refugee Camp is starting.
Refugee Camp aims to create a community space for youth at old refugee settlements with actions that flourish the concepts of arts, culture, science and innovation.

Refugee Camp : to change a badly affected neighbourhood into a community

Due to the economic crisis in Cyprus, a lot of shops and small businesses closed down. This issue affected even more small local businesses further away from the cities and especially around the settlements areas.  Finding a closed down shop as a facility for the community centre it will help the local economy around the affected area as well as the small businesses that managed to ‘survive’. The aim is to allow them to become more sustainable due to the visitors and people interested to the activities. This project acts as a hub that works as a self-sustained program but also it will offer occupation to the unemployed youth and activities for the people in the area. This platform will be the place for different actions such as, screenings, performance, sales of handmade products, exhibitions, think tanks for young teams etc. The selected team running this shop is a group of people related to the arts and culture spectrum. They were either born and brought up in the area or living there. This will help the actions to be structured specifically for the neighbourhood according to their needs and interests.

To summarise the goal is to change a badly affected neighbourhood in a community where a ‘shop’ can offer an open space for creative minds to work together to develop their own projects and vision as well as finding innovative ways to make it sustainable and keep the locals interested in their actions.

Though it seems to be a complex procedure due to old contracts, three municipalities and the town planning department showed interest and are willing to be engage so we can get access to a place for Artecitya. For the last 6-7 months we invest time in establishing local so we can maximize the local social engagement of the people.