Nicosia, December 2016

Journey into techno-world: Exploring the digital self

Kids Univesrity

Winter Kids University 2017

ARTos Foundation is proud to present 2017 Kids University, entitled ‘Journey into techno-world: Digital, analogue, Virtual’.   Starting with a two day crash course on the 4th and 5th of January, children from all around the country will have the opportunity to participate in a series of interdisciplinary workshops exploring the meaning of existence (sense of being) in the digital era.  A specially designed programme by educators and professionals has been structured in order to allow kids to develop important qualities with impact to their lives and especially the society. The aim of this action is to outset and flourish their characteristics’ of creative expression, scientific knowledge, self-confidence, communication, digital technology knowledge and harmonious coexistence.


Summer Kids University 2016
For the second consecutive year, Kids University is part of the Creative Europe Programme ARTECITYA 2014-2018 and this time it deals with the global adoption of digital technology and the impact it has on the children.
Children are growing in a digital society which has a dominant role in shaping their social lifestyles, divert or enhance their values. To most of us, the digital era has integrated into our everyday activities.  Thus, is becoming a critical foundation in knowledge, creativity, expression and communication. Even if this era is evolving in almost all ages, it has a greater impact to the youth and children, since they are brought up in this digital society. This year’s Kids University aims to encourage the use of the digital technology with a beneficial way, as an educational tool, enhancement of the creative process and thinking and as a tool to develop their intelligence.

The workshops are digital-media based learning opportunity; exploring concepts of interactivity and hacking, robotics, sound and creation of sound through technology, interactive lighting and multimedia and scenography. The trilogy will continue with the Spring Kids University 10 – 13 April 2017 and Summer Kids University 26 June – 7 July 2017.
**Photos and videos will be uploaded soon after the workshops
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