Nicosia, November 2016

Con-temporary Urbanity

Artists Residency

Cities can be translated as sites of social encounter, as embodied spaces, symbolic and material landscapes, and the realm of everyday experience.
Part of exploring the idea of the city being the platform on where artists can experience the everyday life through the urban landscape, record and recreate a visual dialogue, ARTos foundation in September 2016 offered a 10 day Artists Residency to two artists living in Vienna.
Through the aforementioned residency Gerald Zahn and Nika Kupyrova experienced the urban life, and locality of Cyprus. The aim of the study is the creation of art projects based on the artists’ experiences around the city. Relocating them in different parts of the country functioned as a way to get a wider (bird eye) view of the visual language and symbols of Cyprus.
At the end of the artist’s residency, the two artists had an open to public presentation, with the presence of the Austrian ambassador, of their work in progress, in a form of exhibition and conference. In addition, they networked with local cultural organisations and festivals in Cyprus, in order to discuss ideas and possible collaboration. Artecitya program and ARTos foundation arranged and facilitate all the meetings and the results were extremely fruitful.

A few words about Gerald Zahn

Gerald Zahn’s practice explores the phenomena of contemporary life and the aesthetic of the entertainment industry. His work integrates different media and is often presented in a form of abstract collections, which focus on the detection of hidden, but prevalent standards.
In many of his films and video installations, Gerald Zahn slows down the narrative by using static photography rather than traditional film or by deciding against the usual succession of fast cuts and instead letting the story unfold in a single take.

A few words about NikaKupyrova

NikaKupyrova appropriates found text, concepts and pop culture phenomena to direct her own working process. The resulting self-reflective, multi-layered sculptures propose the bridges between the textual and the visual languages and investigate the gestures of three-dimensionality, reproduction and the notion of the original.
Also within the framework of the Artecitya, ARTos will host on the “Micro-cinema of Attractions | GIF art imageries and creative techniques”. It will be the action that will restart the programme’s actions in December 2016, with an urban tour of GIF projections.
It will serve as an open call for artists to submit GIF artwork. The selected GIFs will be presented around the city of Nicosia in one-day pop-up exhibition. This project also includes a workshop open to the public on how to build an analogue GIF player with the Belgian artist and graphic designer Pieterjan Geandry.