Nicosia, February 2019

Hack 66 – Innovation Gym

Hack66 was in tune with the actions of Artecitya, ARTos and Innovation Gym. All its actions in 2018 were focused in utilizing science and technology in order to maximize its impact to the citizens. Also it democratized access to science and technology by the citizens.

Make science and technology accessible to everyone

Kids University: Three actions were done during Eastern, Summer and Winter. The kids were from 6 to 12 years old and were engaged in a number of activities focus on social innovation and social responsibility. For all three actions, the parent’s participation was part of the training process, and that way, parents kids and stuff could discuss and explore social issues and innovative approaches to solve them.  

Free energy in the buffer zone: Transgenerational inventors and entrepreneurs shared good practices and present their achievements and developed synergies between them. The location which was selected was very symbolic. It took place in the buffer zone which is also called no Mans land. An open event addressed to the citizens so they can be more demanding when it comes to free clean energy and policy making. It was also a gathering of people

DIY Digital Instruments: Everybody, has the need to create and play. Stress is toxicating our bodies and our minds. Music is great catalyst in relaxation process especially if you produce the music. But not everybody can produce music. So, we had a workshop with people interested to make music with DIY Digital Instruments they can build. The result was because each person brought its own ideas and “recipes” and there was a high level of collaboration between them. Finally, the y practiced and did gigs together. That was a continuation of an initiative from “Theremidi orchestra” from Slovenia that took place at ARTos Foundation 2 years ago.