ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation was founded by the artists Achilleas Kentonis and Maria Papacharalambous and it is a contemporary centre dedicated to arts, sciences, innovation and social impact.

Its premises once hosted the first bakery of Agii Omologites’ parish, Nicosia, hence the inspiration for its name (artos = bread, in Greek), while at the same time referencing the term Operating System; placing us directly in the modern era of the apotheosis of Technology, which, etymologically refers to “the systematic treatment of an art”, and that Art, according to Zenios, “…is the Bread (artos) which gladdens the soul”!

The traditional architecture of the 1901 building converses with the industrial edifice of the 1950s, which once housed the bakeries, while a modern extension, completed in 2003, is incorporated into the entire complex. Worth mentioning is also the complex comprising of nine unique ancient tombs dating back to the Hellenistic (or, according to others, archaic period), which was discovered and reconstructed during the building’s refurbishment process.

The Foundation functions as a multidimensional space, organizing and undertaking the production of multifaceted and multidisciplinary events from the world of sciences, innovation, technology and the arts; including the hosting of events, presentations, seminars, symposia, conferences and scientific or other workshops.

Our vision is based on the core idea of bringing together exceptional talents, from different cultural backgrounds and fields of expertise, for the sharing of good-practices; the creation of new ‘products’ and, ultimately, the creation of a platform for networking and promoting their efforts to a larger market. This is achieved through the broad network of local, European and international partners and collaborators the Foundation has established through the years.

ARTos aspires to act as the mediator, mentor and platform, attracting and challenging the contemporary artist/creator as well as the scientist/researcher and provide the space where creative ideas will be born and take shape free of exploitation.