Ljubljana, November 2017

TESLA Award: A new award for young intermedia artists

Award is a new competition in Slovenia focusing on new and progressive art forms, what we call transdisciplinary or intermedia art, in order to provide optimal conditions for selected artists to research, produce and present an entirely new artwork under the mentorship and assistance of MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art from Ljubljana. The aim of the award is to improve the conditions of artistic production in the field of transdisciplinary / intermedia art and thus respond to the growing interest in research-based practices in Slovenia and broader Balkan region, and consequently to follow the increased production in the field. Therefore TESLA does not only provide an artist fee, but also offers research- and production-based residencies (at V2_Lab for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam) as well as production and technical support in the process of creating the artwork.
MoTA published an open call, inviting artists working in the fields of transdiciplinary and intermedia art in the beginning of their artistic careers, for the production of a new artwork. An international jury of 4 professionals (Martin Bricelj Baraga from MoTA, Florian Weigl from V2_Lab, independent curator Miha Colner and Aleksandra Kostič from KIBLA) selected 5 nominees: Valerie Wolf Gang, Andrej Koruza & Gaja Mežnarić Osole, PLATEAURESIDUE, Meta Drčar and Agnes Momirski.
The first TESLA Award winners were announced at the ceremony during the open-air event at Ljubljana’s Congress Square, June in Ljubljana. The jury unanimously chose the artistic duo PLATEAURESIDUE (Eva Pavlič Seifert & Aljaž Celarc) with their project Ex Topia. In addition to production of a new artwork, the winners got an opportunity to present their new artwork at the City Museum in Ljubljana.

P L A T E AU R E S I D U E: Ex Topia

Ex Topia (2017) is a project by PLATEAURESIDUE dedicated to researching the general human passivity that is blunting the response to global warming. The project investigates interactive aesthetic strategies that could spark a general human response towards the landscape affected by climate change.
PLATEAURESIDUE’s creative process focuses on participation, immersive experience, and the ecology of aesthetics. In its work, the duo focuses on how artistic strategies can help to shape collective experiences and raise awareness about human society and its impact on the global environmental crisis.
PLATEAURESIDUE has been developing an expedition to the Triglav glacier as an intervention to help participants develop a unique perception of and unique responses to the environment. Ex Topia arose out of their interest in the possibility of collective action motivated by artistic aspirations and taking place within the landscape.
The Ex Topia project was presented at PLATEAURESIDUE’s solo exhibition in the City Museum of Ljubljana in November 2017. The opening event featured the duo’s ArtistTalk, a lecture on the history of the Triglav glacier, V2_Lab presentation by Florian Weigl, and AV performance Aquatocene by Slovenian intermedia artist, Robertina Å ebjanič.

Due to great public interest, MoTA will continue to support up-and-coming intermedia and transdisciplinary artists, and will add an open call for foreign artists in 2018.
The exhibition in the City Museum of Ljubljana will be open until 19 November 2018.