Ljubljana, March 2016

MoTA Residency: Adam Basanta

MoTA Point hosted the Canadian sound artist Adam Basanta who created a site-specific artwork for the gallery, Outside in. Basanta installed a microphone on one of the gallery’s windows and recorded sounds from the outside, which were then played inside the space, bringing the outside world in. For the installation, he used objects, amplifiers and devices found within the gallery, and played with their imperfections, as the materials used weren’t in perfect shape anymore.


In addition to the residency, MoTA hosted Basanta’s solo exhibition, featuring two of his previous installations: Message Past Future and A line listening to itself. The former features three cassette recorders from the seventies, which play a statement found in Peter Drucker’s book Management. Taking advantage of the mechanical systems at play, Drucker’s statement continually scrambles itself in time – creating unpredictable sense, non-sense, and new-sense – illustrating that indeed, the only thing we know about the future is that it is different, although perhaps not in the ways we expect it to be.


A line listening to itself is a sound sculpture, consisting of a single microphone tilted at a slight angle points downwards towards an extended line of reclaimed speaker cones. Using computer-controlled feedback networks, the microphone listens to its own amplification through each speaker, generating a 7 note feedback chord. Each tone in the chord emerges from a single speaker, undulating individually and collectively as the computer software adjusts itself to the changing acoustic environment.