Ljubljana, November 2018

Sun Calendar

Premiere: 16 November at PixxxelPoint festival, Nova Gorica

Sun Calendar is a simple solar powered light installation. A simple circle containing LED lights stands facing the horizon. At sunset the lights start to turn on, forming a circular illuminated shape. The visitor watches the setting sun through Sun Calendar until the sun falls into the white circle.

At sunset, the Sun is usually of a orange-red-violet colour, depending on the atmosphere. What the artist is interested in with this work is the exact moment when the red sun falls into the white circle – when the reddish natural light is being encircled by a thin white line, powered by the sun.

The moment when the sun is in the Sun Calendar, is the moment when the viewers mark their position on the floor. This position is different in the month of March to month of June to the month of September. The positions of the viewer on the floor are different dots that draw an imaginary half-circle around the installation – just like the Sun Clock – and this together with the central installation piece makes the Sun Calendar.