Ljubljana, February 2017

Moonolith at the Ljubljana Castle


On the first day of spring, MOONOLITH will land at Ljubljana Castle!

MOONOLITH is an interactive monument for public spaces by Martin Bricelj Baraga. It reflects the Moon and the constellations of stars on its surface. Dedicated to urban strollers, it is a tribute to dark matter, emptiness, void, in-between space, speed, and time and its passage. The installation is site-specific – as it develops a new relationships with the guest space and the visitors with every placement. For the Ljubljana castle we developed a sound-responsive Moonolith version that interacts with visitors’ movements also during the day.


MOONOLITH is a large round celestial sphere that operates on two levels. Through interaction, its surface becomes a responsive light and sound instrument of light and sound, which opens up the field of play. In its rest phase, MOONOLITH functions as a sculpture with subtle movements of light and sound, and represents a space of calmness and reflection for the visitor.


The opening
of the MOONOLITH installation at the Ljubljana Castle will take place at 7pm on 21 March 2017 with a live performance by Eric Reynaud aka Fraction who created the sounds for the new version of Moonolith. The interaction was programmed by Slavko Glamočanin. You can visit the MOONOLITH installation at the Ljubljana Castle until 5 May 2017.