Gdansk, April 2018

Invisible architectures


Invisible architectures – extension of the residency of Simone Basani&Alice Ciresola

25.04 – 18.05.2018 


Invisible architectures is a research project by artist-curator duo Simone Basani&Alice Ciresola, conducted in frames of an extension of a long-term residency in LAZNIA CCA. The project aim is to reconstruct from a transcultural perspective, lost heritage through memories of Gdansk inhabitants.

How do we remember places we experienced in the past, and that are now apparently lost forever? Think about squares, clubs, museums, schools, churches, parks, famous or not, where we grew up or visited on special occasions. Could it be possible to re-construct them for an audience through a personal narration? If so, which cultural values this narration would have?

 Invisible architectures project deals with these questions and many other relevant ones, by employing performative and scientific research strategies. Its aim is to test the critical role of subjective processes of remembrance, and their position towards the lack of an inclusive collective memory.

The project is conducted in collaboration with students and researchers from University of Gdansk, as well as with European Solidarity Centre and Immigrant Support Center in Gdansk.

In the earlier stages of the residency between 2016 – 2017, the duo developed projects referring to the personal stories of the Tri-City inhabitants, also exploring the subject of memory. In the autumn of 2017, Simone Basani and Alice Ciresola conducted two projects: What Remains of a Rembrandt Torn Into Four Equal Pieces and Flushed Down the Toilet and Galeria GdaÅ„sk ITD. (presented in three stages).