Berlin, October 2016

Artist Dis-Placement 01: Progress Report Viktor Vejvoda

Viktor Vejvoda was the first artist in our Artist Dis-Placement residency program. He started at the 4th of July to work at the BSR (Berlin waste management).

The Idea of the Artist Dis-Placement programm is to connect artists to organisations which are not situated in the classical context of the art-sphere in order  to reach a different engagement and an audience which is not naturally in contact with art. ZK/U aims to look at the ‘invisible’ communal services provided by a city. Through the Artist Dis-Placement the ZK/U is extending its actions to the central organisations of the city’s infrastructure. With this program we had the ambition to create an experimental transdisciplinary space that seeks a critical approach by twisting existing practices, and where specialists from many fields would collaborate together. Especially, we hoped that we could create configurations in which artists would work not in the art market sphere, but outside of their natural environment by setting up programs and projects that create a breach in the image of the arts, so to reach a different audience, less elitist and more amateur.

Viktor is an artist from Prague, Czech Republic whose past work is already strongly connected to the subjects of re- and upcycling, waste and it’s reusage. Over six month he is visiting different sections of the organization  and, through different methods, developing an art project in close cooperation with BSR employees.

Here is his impression after the first three month in the Organisation:

Home Is Where the Trash Is

Fraggle Rock, 1985

After half of my time at BSR has passed, I can say that I find the potential of the Artist Dis-Placement project in the two following aspects.
Being close to significant socio-political aspects of the ordinary life in a city. As an inter-artist I am able to gain the perspective of workers in relation to a relatively huge company with a long tradition and their relation to the city of Berlin and its citizens. This perspective has great “story” potential and happens mainly with no attention of the intellectual sphere of the society. I consider such peripheral perspectives as vital for a contemporary artistic way of thinking.
Reaching the situation when a huge amount of waste and unwanted material is named trash. This material obviously still has a value and many possible ways of usage. During the project I was able to observe and explore the initial route of such material from the collection to the first processing. Where and under which circumstances such material is transformed is still to be found. Sadly, against my original expectation I was not able to encounter, modify, re-use and distribute any of such material personally and include this aspect into my artistic process.
If you are interested in our Artist Dis-Placemnt program you can find more general information here.
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