Berlin, January 2017

Artist Dis-Placement 02: After three Months on Call

As part of the  Artist Dis-Placement Program Alona Rodeh is looking behind the scenes of the Berlin Fire Brigade. Here she shares some of her expeiences after beeing three month ‘on call’.

By the end of my third month at the Berliner Feuerwehr, marked by the end of 2016, a good time to look back, I can say that at this point, I managed to shed the outer cover of the organization. The basic information is clear to me, as well as the daily routine and the general atmosphere. 
So at this point, things are going in two parallel channels: the first, in depth, which means continuing once a week on 24 hour shifts, which give me the day to day experience. It is actually really important to do the whole shift, since the night is the time when things get strange and more interesting. And the second: widening my perspective, getting to know more people and more places. But clearly, my interest has shifted from the training to the streets, where the real things happen.

Pictures © Alona Rodeh

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