Berlin, November 2017

Artist Dis-Placement 04: Victoria Tomaschko at the JVA für Frauen Berlin (women’s prison)

Placement 04:

Victoria Tomaschko, a Berlin based photographer, is the fourth artist who is part of the Artist Dis-Placement Project at ZK/U. She is visiting the JVA for women in Berlin for six months.

For “The JVA for Women in Berlin and these who work with them” (working title) she is using a combination of writing (interview transcripts) and images (portraits). Tomashko is portraiting women and men who work in prison and is particularly interested in how the prison environment impacts those who work there. For this project she visits all parts of the prison she is allowed to access, takes part in the daily routine and talks to inmates.

This project began in July 2017 but Tomaschko has been exploring the topic of prison since 2011: up until now, she completed a double portrait series depicting detained women and their children and a portrait series of young detainees. The new project represents a shift in perspective as it also includes the people who work there. 

Victoria Tomaschko was born in Rostock in 1978. After training as a carpenter, she studied visual communication with an emphasis on photography at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin. In 2013 she completed her MA in Art in Context at the UDK. Her final project, mothers consisted of a series of portraits of female inmates and their children. Victoria Tomaschko’s work predominantly tackles societal and social issues, seeking to use aesthetic perspectives to engage differently with these issues.


About Artist Dis-Placement: 

The Idea of the Artist Dis-Placement programm is to connect artists to organisations which are not situated in the classical context of the art-sphere in order  to reach a different engagement and an audience which is not naturally in contact with art. ZK/U aims to look at the ‘invisible’ communal services provided by a city. Through the Artist Dis-Placement the ZK/U is extending its actions to the central organisations of the city’s infrastructure.  With this initiative, ZK/U aims to get an artistic overview on what makes a city what it is. By placing artists in organisations involved in a city’s functioning level, we wish to set up a framework for artists to research on the open field of public or semi-public services.
Other Artist who were part of the Artist Dis-Placement projects are: Jan van Esch a Dutch artist who worked at the German Red Cross (Berlin), Viktor Vejvoda who was joining the BSR (Berlin waste management) and Alona Rodeh, a Berlin based Israeli artist, looking behind the scenes of the Feuerwehr Berlin (Berlin fire brigade).   

More info about the Artist Dis-Placement program here. 


All pictures © Tomaschko