Berlin, August 2016

Viktor Vejvoda // Artist Dis-Placement 01

Viktor is the first artist to take part in the Artist Dis-Placement Program


How were your first weeks at BSR? 

First, second and third week are dedicated to get orientation and independence in the working environment of BSR. Since the structure and size of BSR is enormously big and multiplex, I estimate that I will invest at least 33% of the project time in scanning the institution, tools and behavior of BSR and in building a mental map of the social and material cartography of the company. 


Your previous work is already strongly connected to waste ore what we call waste. How did you develop this strong interest? why?

Using waste and free material was a natural process of the observation of my environment and also the situation of an artist: the need to work with materials and changing their function. I always find myself in need of material and art schools and cultural institutions are always full of waste. Once I realized “waste = material” I started to track this premise in my work. I believe waste or leftovers are the best socio-economical portrait of particular society. 


How does it feel to be in a company that professionally deals with waste? 

It brings mixed feelings and they change in fast tempo. I have days of euphoria when I see the processes which are hidden for most users of city. But also there are times I feel scared and helpless about the amounts of material being discarded every day by our society. 


You are an artist who is rather working with people and things in a social context than producing artwork for the ‚white cube cell‘ as you once said. How do you approach your work?

I consider art as social orientated science and directly responsible to touch and question its issues. Getting closer to trash-material and its life-cycle, I feel getting closer to what we are and what we do. Experiments with sharing, re-use, Dumpster- diving are reflections of basic ethics and values. 


What do you expect from the work at BSR? 

I try to keep away from many expectations now. So far I want to accept all I can absorb and encounter. The size of BSR is the size of a small city. Perhaps random behavior and chaos can bring me to the most important stuff. 


What do you think is going to be the most challenging thing? 

Energy and an autonomous bubble. Having enough mental and physical energy to scan, analyze and post-process all I am allowed to run into. And I am hopefully lucky to be able to create a temporary bubble of autonomy inside the big working organism of BSR. This bubble or anomaly I imagine as laboratory for experiments with anything material / non-material which is harvested on the fields of BSR. 


What is the impact you wish of your work? 

I hope to bring positive subversions into the worlds of ZK/U and BSR . I can experiment on myself with different environments (World of disposed material, world of Culture and Art) and tactics. I hope the final mix will be useful. 


(more about the program here and about Viktor’s intervention here).



Viktor Vejvoda


2009 — 2015 M. A. at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague,

Studio New Media I.

2006 — 2009 DiS. at Tercial graphic school Hellichova,

design and photography,



Via Baltica, with Aleksi Cavaillez, publ. Noir sur Blanc, Paris, 2006 

East:West, 1:0, 2009

Drevo, 2011

PPP, Poetická politická pohádka , 2012 

Mastné stánky, 2012

Kiosk, 2013

LOS, with Markéta Mráčkova and Bára Šimonová, 2015,